The Duke of Queens Lake ~ Come fly with me!

   The Duke of Queens Lake  , by William R. Beebe 14 x 16, oil on board

The Duke of Queens Lake, by William R. Beebe 14 x 16, oil on board

In one of my previous blogs, First Heron Portrait, I wrote about the early stages of starting a bird portrait.  In the blog I included a few pictures.  Now that I have finished the painting I have put together a short video for you to see.  It’s set to the music of Michael Buble’s rendition of Come Fly With Me.

It includes all of the awkward stages, where I am back and forth on how detailed to make the background.  At one point I had painted every blade of the long grasses in the foreground.  I found that it distracted me from the Blue Heron and my desire was to have the bird more the center of attention.  

Next thing I knew I was blending the grasses, softening them, and creating a much softer look.  Now when I study my painting, The Duke is in focus and the background is secondary.  

So now it’s time to let The Duke fly away.  He’s migrating to Seasons of Williamsburg this Friday night for a little wine and cheese, sporting a gold frame for his unveiling.  He’s quite the proud bird and won’t fly away if you get up close and study him.  ☺  After all he is royalty around Queens Lake!

I hope you enjoy seeing the fun video and the finished painting! To see any of my other bird paintings click here.