Artist Reception at the Ocean Reef Art League in Key Largo FL: Artist reception on 12/2/14 featuring 22 of Bill's Maritime and Shorebird paintings.

Artist Reception at the Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, VA:  Artist reception on 10/4/13 where 21 of Bill's paintings were on exhibi. The collection included Maritime paintings, European Landscapes and American Landscapes.  The exhibition runs through the month of October.

Gallery on Merchants Square, Williamsburg, VA: Artist, William R. Beebe and Gallery Owner Steve King

Art Rountable: Virginia beach artist group visits the William R. Beebe exhibition in Williamsburg

Artist Reception in Williamsburg, VA in November 2012: Artist Reception on 11/9/12 in Williamsburg, VA where 22 of Bill's original oil paintings were featured. The collection included Maritime, European Landscape and American Landscape paintings.                

Presentation of the painting to General David Whaley: The unveiling of the painting for General David Whaley at his retirement dinner at the beautiful Williamsburg Inn on 6/21/12.  

Artist Reception in Williamsburg, VA: Artist Reception on 1/21/11 in Williamsburg, Va where 19 of Bill's European Landscape paintings were featured. 

William R. Beebe at work: The artist in his studio at various times in his career!