How fortunate my wife and I were to meet Jen and Bill Beebe. Not only are they neighbors but have become good friends. We first purchased a couple of Bill’s giclees of Charleston and loved them. We commissioned Bill to paint a small marsh scene after falling in love with a larger marsh painting he had just finished. Not only did he give us a beautiful work of art but even framed it for us with a frame we ordered. We look at it every day and are so very pleased to  own a Beebe original.
— Mark and Sally Speckels
We are thrilled to be the proud owners of a William R. Beebe aviary painting called...THE GREAT now hangs prominently in our new elicits many positive comments.
— Allan and Pamela Stewart
Bill is a wonderfully talented artist and an equally special person. No single word or string of salutations could come close to defining his brilliance. Proud to be the recipient of his artistry through his commission of my Grandparents farm house. Bill captured details that I hadn’t even noticed in the photos, making the painting even more realistic and special. It brings warmth and new memories with every gaze.
— Linda and Mark McNitt
My wife, Kim, and I love birds and we were interested in commissioning an original painting of the view of the ocean from our Vero Beach home, with Pelicans flying in the foreground as they often do so beautifully.

I had admired Bill’s work with birds and was excited that he accepted the commission. His creation (which we call “Pelicans in Paradise”) exceeded our high expectations, capturing the essence of the view and the movement of the water and Pelicans in flight. We were so impressed we ultimately purchased his work “Feathered Friends” as well. Both of Bill’s works are hanging in our Cape Cod, MA home, reminding us of Vero Beach until we are able to return each season.
— Brian Robbins
Bill is truly a unique and talented artist. I feel blessed to have gotten to know him during the two different paintings I commissioned him to create for me. Bill takes his work very seriously and quite personally. He goes to great lengths to understand what his client envisions and then he extensively researches the many aspects of the piece he is to create. He strives to meet and exceed his client’s expectations. I could write much more about Bill’s professionalism and his attention to detail but suffice it to say I am extraordinarily happy with both the paintings he did for me.
— Byllie Ann Magnant
Bill has a unique talent to express what his mind and heart see and then translate that into a painting.
— Charles Raphael
As a special gift for my wife, I commissioned Bill to compose and paint a nature scene from a photo that I had taken of a heron in flight over marshland. Bill’s unique ability to capture the natural motion of the bird, its coloring and elegance, and to contrast that with the movement of the water in the marsh is fully on display. The play of light and shadow is exquisite. The picture is on prominent display over our mantel and it rarely fails to elicit an approving comment from our guests. In addition, Bill was a pleasure to work with, especially insofar as he had the talent to listen to what I wanted and to translate that into a beautiful painting.
— Jay Jason
We have been very fortunate to be friends of Bill’s for many years and equally as blessed to have a glimpse of what is in his heart. His exceptional talent enables him to bring out the finest details of schooners, landscapes and birds, but it is his incredible insight that captures the story behind the work and makes you feel the sunlight through the trees, sand at your feet, or the strength of the ocean. He makes you believe the story, which is what makes his paintings so exceptional. The two Maine watermen paintings we purchased really brought the shore to life for us. Looking at them takes us back to Pemaquid and the many wonderful summers we spent there. It was as if Bill had taken a photo of our shore. We can smell that sea air and hear the gulls over the dull roar of the idling outboard engine as they pull up another “lobsta” trap. No doubt our most prized painting is Bill’s On The Wind. It is a close up view of the Heritage being chased by the J & E Riggin. Against a peaceful Maine sky and sails cupped, Bill’s incredible detail is on full display from rigging to hull. Add the feeling Bill creates of the ships as they cut through the sea with the spray against their hulls, and you have another extraordinary Beebe masterpiece.
— Tom and Cindy Deoudes
After seeing my friend’s paintings she had purchased from Bill, I knew we had to connect! We had made updates/renovations to our Great Room and with fresh paint, we definitely needed to find that ‘special’ painting. Shortly after viewing Bill’s ‘home’ gallery, as well as online, it wasn’t hard to decide. Sunrise Over The Salt Marsh ~ Assateague Island was the chosen painting. We could not have purchased a more fitting painting for this radiates in our Great Room. This painting puts a smile on my face and my husband and I enjoy sharing with our company, who have appreciated Bill’s talents as well. Another purchase for our foyer was Pondering Moment and the frames on both paintings enhance them to another level. If you are looking to update your accessories/paintings in your home, you will not be disappointed in any purchase from Bill’s inventory. I look at these paintings and can see lots of hours went into them (and love). Bill’s landscape paintings are so captivating...I feel like I’m in this feel the realness of his scenes! Thank you Bill and Jen for not only being great friends, but more so for sharing your talents...we are so very happy with our paintings!!
— Kristey & Jim Husband
When we first became familiar with Bill Beebe’s work we saw his Maritime masterpieces. His interpretation of antique schooners and Maine coastal towns is breathtaking. We both agreed that his work is so strikingly beautiful that they belonged in a Museum for all the world to see. The sophistication and accuracy of detail of his marine art is amazing. Bill has now added to his collection lovely European and American Landscapes. We saw High Rock Vista at one of his shows and simply fell in love with it. The light and refined elegance depicted in this Spring landscape painting is breathtaking. We are now the proud owners of this stunning scene. It lights up the room. William Beebe has a natural talent and his ability is highlighted in the diversity of his work. If you are lucky enough to purchase one of Bill’s paintings it will surely be one of your prized possessions and a wonderful heirloom for future generations.
— John and Diane Dunlap
We couldn’t be more pleased with our new original painting from Bill Beebe, The Beach Boys. We selected this photograph from many that Bill provided us taken at the Outer Banks of NC. The Outer Banks is a very special place to us and one that holds very fond memories for our immediate family and our extended family going back to the 1970’s. Unfortunately, the sand pipers are suffering in numbers and do not have a run of the beach like they used to. It takes me back to those days as a teenager and provides hope that these wonderful birds make a comeback over time. Upon seeing the final painting from Bill it immediately spoke to me and I knew it would be a special heirloom for generations to come! We look forward to following Bill’s work as he continues to expand his subject matter.
— Keith and Cindi Exton
We commissioned Bill to do a nautical painting for us. The difficulty with this whole idea was, we had very specific things we wanted in our painting. We wanted a specific schooner, a lighthouse and the coast of Maine. Well, it was as if Bill was reading our minds. From the first sketch he did, to the final work, it was a dream come true. He captured every detail, every vision we had and then some. He brought to life a scene, that we never thought possible. It is a true masterpiece that we will cherish the rest of our lives and will pass down to our sons as a family heirloom. Bill’s work is great beyond any testimonial we can give. He truly is a master at his trade.
— Al & Vicki Polson
Several years ago we were traveling through Italy with our younger son who likes to photograph. On the island of Capri we were making our way to see the remains of Tiberius’ castle and the path we took was perfect for a photo. Alex took the photograph and then shared it with Bill. It did not take very long for Bill to turn that photo into a work of art that now proudly hangs in my office. I enjoy sitting at my desk looking up to see those columns and think about my next trip to Italy.
— Alison and Bob Morrison
Our daughter’s family fell in love with Maine and we wanted to give them a painting of their favorite light house for their new home. Bill Beebe agreed to do the painting for us and today it hangs with great pride in our daughter’s living room. The attention to detail and perfection that Bill puts into his paintings is incredible. We have followed Bill for years and have marveled at his development into one of the country’s finest artists. We are proud owners of three of his paintings and wish we had more.
— Jim & Sue Noyes
We had a wonderful experience working with Bill Beebe on a commissioned painting. Bill recognized our interests and desires while still creating a work of art evocative of his style and consistent with his creative process. Mr. Beebe offers a rare ability to combine tremendous realism with a compelling interpretive insight reminiscent of the finest impressionists. We love the work he has done for us.
— Blythe & Mark McGarvie
Whether painting a sailboat, a unique architectural scene, a residence or a portrait, Bill captures the moment with exquisite detail and precision.
— Charles & Julie Cawley
Bill Beebe is an extremely talented artist who listens and works well with people who commission him to do a painting. We feel so lucky to own two of his masterpieces. One was commissioned and one is one of his finest works that we were lucky to obtain. He is diligent in his work and spent a long time with us creating a painting that was exactly what we wanted. His work is amazing and we feel fortunate to own two of his paintings.
— Cindy & Phil Eichenholz
We are the proud owners of three original Beebe paintings. We fell in love with this talented artist’s work while living on the coast of Maine. Bill’s incredible attention to detail brings his paintings to life, catching our eyes and capturing our hearts. Bill is a gifted artist and a tremendous person. Anyone would be very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Bill to capture their vision or own one of his paintings.
— Chip & Tracy Rossi
My husband commissioned Bill to paint a Tuscan scene from a photo that we provided him. He offered a few different size options, and interpretation options. He guided us and the results were fantastic. The painting is magnificent and we were thrilled with the ease of the process. We were offered a variety of framing options which helped us greatly when choosing our frame. Bill is a great talent and a joy to work with.
— Kurt & Lisa Krass
— Chuck Knudsen
We commissioned Bill to create a painting from a photograph taken from one of our many trips. This was to be Bill’s first European landscape painting which he took on with great enthusiasm. The painting is spectacular! We are thrilled to own a Bill Beebe original and we have the painting proudly displayed in our home. Bill is truly a gifted artist.
— Bill & Maggie Chronert