Colmar, France

Colmar, France by artist William R. Beebe
Colmar, France by artist William R. Beebe

Colmar, France

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Small: Image Size 19 x 24, Edition of 150, $600, canvas giclée
Large: Image Size 28 x 36, Editon of 150, $800, canvas giclée


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When I first saw this scene of Colmar I instantly wanted to paint it. The quaint canal town often referred to as "Little Venice," with its multicolored timber framed buildings, Romantik Hotel, waterfront restaurants, and gondola like boats almost seemed like a fictional town that was too good to be true. This jewel of a town could easily be the imaginary setting for a period romance novel. But in fact it does exist and was founded in the 9th century. It is in the Alsace region of France and considers itself to be the capital of the Alsatian wine. Colmar is an affluent town with French and German influence in its architecture and its culture. I enjoyed working with all the colors and the challenge the unique perspective provided.

Detail shot of   Colmar, France

Detail shot of Colmar, France