Remembering Trevor ~ Following Dreams

It took me quite a while in life to figure out what I wanted to do for a living.  I wrote a blog about how I finally figured out what I wanted to be and about how important it is to follow your passion.  I feel very fortunate to be living my dream of being an artist, but dreams don’t come easy. It takes commitment and hard work.

For the last ten years, I’ve witnessed a young kid, Trevor Times, from age 8 to 18 totally committed to the game of golf.  He knew what he wanted in life from an early age and he worked hard toward becoming the best he could be at the game.  I admired the fact that he knew his dream early in life.  With his gentlemanly nature, politeness and tremendous talent, Trevor was going places.  He had already competed in the U.S. Junior Amateur.  He was about to graduate from high school and in the fall was going to East Carolina University on a golf scholarship but sadly his life was cut short this week in a swimming accident. 

I loved hitting balls next to him on the range, emulating his long swing and trying to keep up with his ever increasing distance.  I’m devastated that Trevor’s dreams were cut short.  My heart goes out to his family. 

His tragic loss is a brutal reminder of how fleeting life is and how we should all make the most out of every day.  I’ll miss seeing him go by my studio window, playing golf with his mother Virginia, but I’ll never forget him.  His level of dedication and commitment from such an early age will always be inspirational to me.