In Good Company ~ Sharing the Joy of Art!

Yesterday was a fun art day!  I had the pleasure of having a group of five talented women artists from the Virginia Beach area come to Williamsburg to see my art show!  Our good friend Mimi from Maine now resides in Virginia Beach.  Her art group meets once a week and they all took the time to come listen to me say a little something about each of my paintings, discuss techniques, composition, materials, galleries, framing and in the end exchange some amusing art stories. 

I was extremely flattered that they would be that interested in my work to make a day out of it.  I’ve never been part of an art group but I so enjoyed spending some time with their group and seeing their camaraderie.  Their encouragement of each other’s talents and exchanging of ideas is a great way to improve one’s painting skills and have fun at the same time.   

We discussed painting on  board versus canvas, smooth glazed surfaces versus textured surfaces, styles, light and shadows, acrylic versus oil, subject matter etc… It was nice after years of trial and error and mostly self-taught techniques to have a group so interested in my work and my methods.  They made it a very special day for me and I’d like to thank all of them for coming to visit. 

Here are a few pics from our roundtable discussion over lunch!