Upon Reflection

Schooners at Rest.jpg

Sometimes it’s hard for me to appreciate my own work.  I had just picked up this small painting the other day after not seeing it for a while and I felt like it had stood the test of time.  I looked at it and I was pleased with what I saw.  I felt like hanging it up in my studio for a while to remind me of being on the water in Maine.  But before I could a collector bought it!

 I’m always glad when my paintings find a home.  This painting of the Isaac H. Evans, the American Eagle and the Heritage schooner I approached a little differently when painting it. 

I wanted to create a serene setting.  I felt like using a wet on wet technique on the water, like many artists use with watercolor paints, would help create a blended, softness to the transitions of colors and reflections in the water. After doing so and letting it dry, I went back over and added some definition with dabs of color. 

The composition was already created for me and I lucked out with the time of day and the lighting.  I’m so glad that someone discovered and bought this painting for it has become one of my favorites.