Read it and Weep! ~ Springtime Weeping Willows

IMG_7163 cropped.jpg

I know you will all be weeping that this is the last post about my first Virginia landscape painting entitled Springtime Weeping Willows.   :-)  I’ve written several blogs showing the different stages of this painting.

Even though I felt fairly close to finishing after Stage 5 (my last post), I decided I wanted to create something a little more interesting.  I ended up taking a palette knife and applied many colorful layers of paint to the grassy field and then reworked the entire canvas in the same manner.  I didn’t want to paint every blade of grass but still wanted to give the impression of detail.  This added more texture and depth of color. 


I worked on contrast, defining the white barn a little more and punched up some of the colors.

I’ve included several close-up shots of detail to better explain my layering process and show the variety of colors that I used.  Even though it was a lot more work to paint it this way, the complexity of layers is now what I appreciate the most.


I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the process I went through with Springtime Weeping Willows.  I’m on to my next Virginia landscape and excited about it and my series.  I’ll keep you posted as to my progress.  Thanks so much for following my work!