Journal Entries Aren’t Just for Accounting ~ Celebrating My 100th Journal Entry (Blog post)!

Twenty-five years ago, I was recording journal entries in accounting ledgers.  I was a comptroller for a large travel agency, trying to remember if the debits were on the left and if the credits were on the right! :-)   Twenty-five years later, I find myself writing my one-hundredth, art journal entry; recording my thoughts on diverse topics that range from what I have on the easel now, to looking back over my twenty-year career as an artist and the many interesting experiences I have had along the way.


I never thought I had much to say about my art or about the work of others.  I guess the accounting training had me pre-programmed to punch in and punch out.  I used to keep time sheets on how many hours I worked on a painting.  I’d record the time I started painting, the time I stopped and any breaks in-between, on of course, accounting ledger paper!

For years, the long-standing joke was that my business card should read “William R. Beebe – I paint by numbers”, and that I used to practice creative accounting!  :-)

Well, I no longer record my hours.  I guess you could say I’ve loosened up a little.  Now, I’m writing down art-related stories that I hope you might find interesting or funny.  I’ve written about a lot of the ups and downs I’ve had over the years.  I’ve written about interesting people we’ve met through my art.  It’s been fun to share with all of you what I’m working on, what I was thinking about while working on a painting, and anything else art related that comes to mind.

I’ve loved hearing back from all of you who’ve taken the time to read my blogs, write a comment on the journal page, or commented on a blog via Facebook.  The blogging process has opened up my art world from being a solitary studio environment.  I love reading other artists’ blogs and hopefully others find my blogs a good read.  

I’ve got a few upcoming blogs in mind, including my experience painting a Supermodel!  Hopefully, you all will check back for that one.  :-)

If there is one blog in particular that you found interesting, funny or memorable in some way, I’d love to hear what it was…  If there is a topic you’d like me to discuss, please let me know…  

You can leave your journal entry comment below by clicking on the Comment section.  Remember, the Debits are on the left and the Credits on the right!  Just a little accounting humor.  :-)