Flowers in the Foyer ~ Fragrant and Welcoming!

Thinking back on happy memories of spending Mother’s Day with my mom, I thought it might be nice to post one of my floral paintings in her memory, since we usually bought her flowers or azaleas, which she loved.  

Flowers in the Foyer by William R. Beebe

Flowers in the Foyer by William R. Beebe

This painting has special meaning, because it is a commission I did years ago for dear friends.  Their elegant entrance to their beautiful home was almost always fragrant with fresh cut flowers, welcoming all who entered the foyer.

Looking back on this piece, I remember enjoying the challenges of perspective, tackling the intricacies of the oval inlaid table and the oriental carpet, developing some lighting touches, and most of all working on softening edges.  

I wanted the overall work to have an Impressionist feel to it, which at the time was the beginning of a move away from a concentration on realism for me.  The owners of the home love spending time in the South of France and much of their art is Impressionistic in nature.  I loved reproducing the Impressionist painting on the yellow wall in the background.  It was well lit with a brass painting light and softened by cast shadows.

The dining room in the upper left of the painting had outside light shining through the bay window, casting shadows of the window panes on the white mantel and resulting in a diffused light throughout the room.  

I’m sure it’s difficult to see in this picture, but I added some fun touches like shine on the hardwood floor and candlesticks.  Touches of light on the crystal chandelier added a little sparkle.  

I hope this Mother’s Day brings, if not flowers into your home, some fond memories back to all who have had the best mom, like I had.