Painting Houses ~ with small brushes!

A few years ago, I was sitting around with some golfing buddies and one of the guys I didn’t know all that well asked me what I do.  I responded, “I’m a painter”.  To which he responded, “I need my house painted.  How much do you think it would cost?”  The other guys burst out laughing, and one friend chortled, “I don’t think you can afford him, he charges by the inch!”

Even though I have broken out the large brushes over the years and have actually painted houses, bedrooms, and barns, I prefer to use the smaller brushes and paint on canvas.  ☺ 

My latest commission has been a wonderful project.  A client decided it would be fun to surprise his wife with a painting of their beautiful home for her 50th birthday.  The home has a partial stone facade, with clapboard on the rest of the structure.  It has a stately double door entrance and nice finishing details. I decided in order to really capture the character of the house the stonework should be as close to the actual shape and color as possible. So, with the aid of my tiny brushes I painted in each stone.

Thanks as always for your interest in my work!

Commissioned painting by William R. Beebe

Commissioned painting by William R. Beebe