A Pair of Pipers ~ A Day at the Beach!

After enjoying painting The Beach Boys so much, I knew I wanted to paint another Sandpiper painting.  This painting entitled A Pair of Pipers is the follow-up painting that I just completed.  The two birds are enjoying a sunny afternoon, avoiding the incoming wave with a quick scurry toward shore.

It’s a fleeting moment, for these little birds don’t stay in one place for too long!  They cast a violet shadow and their white bellies are reflected in the damp sand.  

I never tire of watching them while at the beach and I hope the viewers of this painting will find the same joy.  I worked on creating a pleasing softness throughout the painting with touches of Impressionism.  I also added some texture to the birds’ bodies by using a palette knife to give the impression of ruffled feathers upon closer scrutiny.

The sand started with a base coat of color and was stippled with multiple colors, ranging from white to dark brown, including violets to help create the slight sense of wetness and reflected light from the sky.  

I hope you enjoy A Pair of Pipers as much as I enjoyed painting it. I’m already working on a couple of other shorebird paintings and will keep you posted on my progress.  Thanks as always for following my art!!!