New City, New Home, New Studio ~ back to work!

Being in transition for the past year has put a damper on my productivity. But now we find ourselves living in Mount Pleasant, SC (a suburb of Charleston) in our new home and I’m finally back to work!  

My studio is small but I lucked out and now have the best natural lighting I’ve ever had in a studio. I don’t have a compass but I would put money on it being “northern light”. Northern light has long been thought to be the most natural painting light for artists to work by. My only problem now is that when it’s cloudy outside my 60-watt overhead lights just don’t cut it.  :-(  I’ll have to compensate with goose-neck and floor lamps.  

With less closet space for art supplies I decided to order myself a taboret. It is an artist’s workstation with drawers for paints and cabinets for supplies like turpentine, oils, paper towel, and brushes. It was supposed to arrive a week or two ago and has been lost on a truck out west somewhere. It finally arrived and is the perfect workstation in my small studio. The top on both sides of the unit slide out, extending the much-needed workspace.  


Just out the door from my studio is what we fondly call Cranes Nest Gallery. When clients, prospective clients, and friends come to see my work we have a "gallery" space featuring maritime, aviary, and American and European landscape paintings. Paintings are up and showings are by appointment only.  :-)

I’m busily working on my first painting in my new studio. It’s a commission piece depicting the view from the balcony of my collector’s beautiful home in Vero Beach, Fl. Even though I’m in tighter quarters, I’m finding that I’m using the space more efficiently. I even have room for my old comfy chair, which allows me to take a break, sit back and study my work from afar.  

I’ve surrounded myself with a maritime theme, including the Virginia Schooner racing the Pride of Baltimore II, the American Eagle racing the Heritage off the coast of Maine, the J. & E. Riggin under full sail, and the Charles W. Morgan dockside in Mystic, CT.  

All in all, my new studio is working out great.  Productivity should start picking up.  I’ve joined the Charleston and Mount Pleasant Artist Guilds to connect with other local artists.  Once I’ve built up my inventory of local scenes we’ll be seeking representation by a local gallery.  

In the meantime we’re enjoying the number one rated foodie town in the U. S. There are so many good restaurants it’s hard to choose where to go. The birding here is also spectacular!  I have to make room on my MAC for all the new South Carolina pics!  

Thanks as always for your interest in my work and my photography! It is appreciated very much. Please check back soon to see what’s on the easel next!

One of the joys of being an artist is having the freedom to follow my passion...
— William R. Beebe
What's next?  Drawing by William R. Beebe

What's next?

Drawing by William R. Beebe