Gathering in the Meadow ~ Billy Goats!

Driving around Lexington, VA, I stumbled upon these Billy goats gathered in a meadow.  There were actually many more.  Maybe thirty of them!  As I approached them with my camera, they grew more interested in me.  First they turned and stared at me.  Then they started walking toward me, perhaps looking for me to feed them.

Goats are smart animals and are extremely curious.  Therefore, I thought it would be appropriate to have them staring at the viewer of the painting.  They are also known to dig under fences, jump fences and do whatever they can to escape captivity.  They will eat almost anything.

I love the irony of the farms maze of fencing in the background; meanwhile the wily Billy goats are seemingly roaming free.


I also love the freshly painted and well-maintained red barns and outbuilding.  The Sycamore tree on the right was just beginning to bud leaves, indicating springtime in Virginia. 

As this winter is turning the corner toward longer days and greener pastures, I enjoyed painting this little landscape.  I’d love to hear what you think of my painting and if you think Billy goats are as cool as I do!